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Updated: Aug 10, 2012

Current fandom(s): secret. Past fandoms: The Social Network, American Idol, Glee, and some dabbling in Sherlock Holmes and SGA.

Fics are grouped by fandom and listed from newest to oldest. Accordingly, the most recent fics may not be on this master list but can be found on the first few pages of this journal. Series and sequels are all linked one after another, and most fics are available at LJ, DW, or the AO3. Warnings are included.

Everything in this journal is unlocked and always will be. Most of the fics are also available on the AO3. The only exceptions are kink meme and other anonymous fills/comment fics, which are not cross-posted anywhere besides the original posts, and a few early American Idol fics, which were posted in the community. If this is ever a problem - if, for example, you need a fic on the AO3 for accessibility reasons - let me know and I will reupload them to the place of your choosing.

Anyone has permission to create secondary fanworks from/for/inspired by any of my fics, including: podfic, fanart, remixes, translations, and so forth, without any additional discussion with me. I have two requests: that you link me somehow to the fanwork when/if you post it (though I will refrain from promoting/linking it if you wish) and a link be provided to my original work. Additionally, I would prefer that your work be made publicly available, i.e. not f-locked. If it is f-locked, I just won't link to it from my spaces, to avoid frustrating others who will not be able to access it.

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10 24 14 - Yuletide 2014
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Okay, this was an adventure to put together! All said and done, if you're one of those people who works best of their own inspiration, remember Optional Details Are Optional and write what speaks to you! I'm looking forward to reveals and I'm super excited by how much fic all my fandoms look like they're going to get this year! I hope everything goes great for you too, and have fun! :)
10 29 13 - Yuletide Letter!
Okay, so below I've put general stuff, then fandoms in order, copied in italics what I put in my comment box on the form, and below that are my further details, babbling, etc. It is now three a.m. for me so excuse typos, etc.

First of all, some fandoms have lots of ideas and/or lots of details; feel free to ignore. Take an idea and turn it on its head; take some details and make an entire new idea. I do not care one whit. As long as it doesn't have my uh-uhs as listed below, we're good. Great. Fantastic. And so forth.

One extra note: I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted, and then once I did, I couldn't figure out how to present it. So, what I did was, I tried to come up with one "ideal fic" for each fandom, and then I rambled some more beyond that.

Now, cut for dislikes!Collapse )

Now that I've driven you off, let's sum up my general likes.Collapse )

Okay, now the parts you probably actually came here for! Individual fandom-related ramblings!

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ETA: Annnnd posting it but making it private helps no one. Sorry, author!
The Social Network
33,000 words
This fic is legally inaccurate. It's not even pretending, okay, because California law is stupid and this fic would've been drastically different if I tried to make it realistic. That said, this started life off as "The Proposal AU." It has nothing to do with that movie. Thank you to nowadventuring and jean_iris for their thorough beta reading and wonderful advice!

Eduardo marries Mark to avoid getting deported. Five years later, he wants a divorce. Mark is not okay with this.

Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Epilogue

Art by eiirene
Art by
Art by lovesletyoudown
Art by
Art by sweetmadness379
Art and Fanmix by

Also available for download as one file in the following formats:
epub, mobi, or pdf
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